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Our Academics

Communication between parents and teachers is very important. We strive to keep our parents up to date on their child’s progress and informed about school activities. Your child’s teacher will be in contact with you many times throughout the year. However, we also want to hear from you. We welcome your comments and feel they are vital to the success of our program at John Knox.
Parents are also invited and strongly urged to strengthen the school and home connection by participating in classroom activities whenever possible. This really gives you an opportunity to observe firsthand what your child’s learning environment is like.

PDO parents receive a daily sheet about their child’s day from their teacher.
Informal reports of your kindergarten student’s progress will be sent home on a monthly basis. A more formal progress check will be completed twice a year, in December/January and at the end of May.
Conferences will be scheduled for all K-5 students twice a year, in November and again in April/May. Conferences are available upon request for all K-4 students. Conferences for K-3 students are optional.

Much-loved Richard Morris (Mr.Richard) of RM Music Play comes every week to lead music and movement fun with all of our K-2, K3, K4, and K5 students.

STEAM Teaching

STEAM refers to Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics.  In early childhood, STEAM teaching is encouraged to integrate these subject areas all year long to build a learning environment for each child that: 

-Offers meaningful hands-on projects...

-Welcomes questioning and wondering...

-Broadens their exposure to professionals in our community...

-Empowers each child to take center stage in his/her own learning.

Special guests will come in each month to lead activities designed to enhance the ongoing work of our dedicated teaching staff.  


Students go to Chapel in the church sanctuary a minimum of twice per month for a short, simple devotional/Bible lesson or Bible story.

Special Events

Throughout the year our students have opportunities to enrich their preschool experience.  These added activities might include building physical abilities with coaches from Amazing Athletes, exploring the mysteries of our world with leaders from Challenge Island or raising their social awareness through mission projects, local and global.

Student to Teacher Ratio

Our student to teacher ratio is lower than regulations dictate. Our teachers strive to build relationships with each child, giving care and individualized attention as much as possible!

Registered K5

The decision to enroll a young five year old into a kindergarten class can be a difficult one.  We offer a  registered K5 classes with a low teacher to student ratio.  

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